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  • What is a theme?
  • How to use a theme
  • How to make a theme

What is a theme?
In short, a theme is the visible part of the game.
A bit longer: A theme is a set of files that make up the game
In SDL-Ball a theme can consist of:
  • Graphics Files
  • Levels
  • Sounds
A theme do not have to contain a full set of datafiles,
for example: If the author do not want to change the sounds,
or only a few sounds, then he only needs to include the files
that he want to change, the game will use it's own default
files for those that are not present in his theme.

How to use a theme
  • Download theme. (See download page)
  • Extract to ~/.config/sdl-ball/themes/
  • or extract to sdl-ball/themes/
  • Start game
    • Press esc to open menu
    • Click options
    • Click themes
    • Click on the theme you wish to use
    • Now exit the game, and start it again.
  • ???
SDL-Ball can mix themes aswell, that means you can use the sound
from one theme, the graphics from another, and even the levels
from a third!
To do this, you must edit the settings.cfg file located in
Here is an example of a valid path to a theme called retro
And here is another example of a valid path to a theme called Foo

How to make a theme
The easiest way to make a theme is to copy "default" in the
themes directoey, and rename it to the name of your theme.
After doing that, edit the files that you want to change,
and delete the ones that you don't want to change.
A theme can contain diffrent things:
  • Graphics
  • Sounds
  • Levels
  • Misc files...
Misc files are all loaded from the currently selected "Graphics" theme, they are
  • Fonts
  • Powerup Descriptions
  • Powerup spawn-frequency
Please note that it is highly recommended to remove the files that do not need to be
modified, in order to allow newer versions to update them.
If you save your work in PNG format,
you must use RGBA (transperant support)
you can use .jpg images aswell.
An image should always have a dimension that is a power of two
like 16x16, 32x32,64x64,64x32 etc..

If you want your theme to appear on the official themes downloads page so other people can
enjoy it too, send it to me, and I'll put it there :)

Here follows a short explanation of the parameters that you can
change in the .txt files that are used to load graphics.
Don't worry about them, you don't need to change them to make
a theme.
But if you wish to make animated images or change a animated image
to not being animated, use this.
  • file= Path to the imagefile, relative to yourTheme/gfx/
  • ticks= Time, in millisecond that each frame in the animation is shown
  • cols= columns of frames in the image (at least 1)
  • rows= rows of frames in the image (at least 1)
  • xoffset= This is 1/cols
  • yoffset= This is 1/rows
  • frames= Number of frames in the image (at least 1)
  • playing= Wether the animation is playing. (if animated = 1 else 0)
  • padding= Wether you have a 1 px padding around the frames (you should)
  • texcolor= In hex, RGBA. FF0000FF is red opaque. Overlay color for texture, set to FFFFFFFF to use the colors from the imagefile
  • parcolor= In hex, RGB. FF00FF is purple. The color of the particles that might come out of this brick/powerup.

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