To play the game, choose your weapon of choice: Mouse, a joystick, the WiiMote or your keyboard.

When you start, the ball is attached to your paddle (the thing you can move in the bottom of the screen), click Fire/MouseButton to release the ball. Make the ball hit the bricks to destroy them, you get points and possibly "powerups" doing that, and when all bricks are destroyed, you have compleated the level.

Some bricks can not normally be destroyed, you don't need to destroy these to complete the level. However, sometimes you get a powerup that makes it possible. Some bricks can explode, destroying or damaging nearby bricks. You'll need to hit some bricks more than one time to destroy them. Other bricks you simply can't see, watch out for those!

Your paddle is not just a dumb piece of metal, it reflects the ball in a diffrent direction, based on where the ball hits.

Red powerups are evil, they will give you a disadvantage in the game, and take away your score!! Blue and green powerups are good, they will make your life easier :)

When saving the game, it will save the level, score and coins you have.

TODO: Add explanation of shop here

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